Sunday, December 24, 2017

Nick Hissom - "He Ain't Better"

Nick Hissom

ISR Music Magazine

 "Malibu Mansion"

Star on the rise: Nick Hissom

Nicholas Robert Danenza Hissom (born 4 July 1992) has traveled all over the planet, on modeling jobs, and holidays, and back and forth to his home in the UK and Pennsylvania for school.

Nick is the son of the beautiful Andrea Wynn, married to the famous casino mogul Steve Wynn. His father is the well-known Robert Hissom. Nick and his brother were raised in Europe and educated at a boarding school.

As an Ivy league student at the University of Pennsylvania, Nick's European managers had found me online, and contacted me, with a confidentiality contract.

I worked with him in secret for about 7 months when he was in town. He had a good voice, and a lot of potential. We did long, 3-5 hour sessions because he didn’t live in Las Vegas.

This is a singer who could do any genre he wanted. He sang Sinatra for me! He also did pop and r&b. The next step was to get him out there.

Kenny Ortega was hired. Kenny added dancers, to get the show moving. And there was Nick, out there singing and dancing all over the country. He even has shoes that light up around the soles when he dances. I bet Usher wishes he had those.

His new single out is available on iTunes, its called, ‘One’.

Nick is one of the nicest people I have known. He was only 19 when he came to me. When he was in Las Vegas, we would meet for dinner, and if not that, he would still text me and stay in touch.

I have so much respect for him, that he has done the homework, and followed his heart to make music.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training